S9 Antennas S9V31  
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     SKU: ZS9-S9V31

S9 Antennas S9V31


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   Product Description

The S9v31 is a rugged, ultra-lightweight, vertical antenna designed for use from 40 to 6 meters. This antenna is made from highly durable, light-weight fiberglass and is double insulated for extra safety.  This antenna weighs just 4 pounds and is super-slim making set up a breeze -- perfect for home or portable use. The S9v31 comes fully assembled featuring Polymer Tube Rings for blazingly-fast, "tool-free" deployment.


This antenna may be mounted on your roof or on the ground and no expensive  mount is needed for this antenna, permanent ground-mount installation requires just a 40 inch long 1-1/4" galvanized steel pipe (not included). The base tube simply slips over the pipe for a quick and easy deployment (A mechanical connection from the antenna base tube to the pipe is neither required nor desired.) Or you may use a 3' tripod normally used for TV antennas to mount it to your roof. Four 1/4 wavelength radials are required for each band of operation.


The S9v31 is a serious 40 meter DX antenna when used with a good RF ground. Depending on the ground system and proximity to nearby objects, the  S9v31 may exhibit an SWR well below 2:1 in the upper SSB portion of the 40 meter band without an antenna tuner.



  • Features Polymer Tube Rings for Lighting-Fast Installation
  • Completely Assembled
  • Tapered Telescoping Fiberglass Tubes
  • Self-Supporting - No Guys
  • No Expensive Mount to Buy
  • No Lossy Traps or Coils
  • Ultra-Light and Super-Slim; Weighs 4 lbs
  • Perfect for Home or Portable Use
  • Deploys i