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MFJ MFJ-4603 

Window feedthrough panel SO239 BAL WIR N

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MFJ-4603 Ant. Window FeedthruPanel - universal

Weather-proof window feedthrough panels bring HF/VHF/UHF antennas, balanced lines, random wire antennas, ground, DC/AC power and Rotator/Antenna Switch Cables into your hamshack without drilling through walls. 


MFJ Weather-Proof Antenna Feedthrough Panels mounts in your window sill. They let you bring all your antenna connections into your hamshack without drilling holes through walls.


Simply place in window sill and close window. One cut customizes it for any window up to 48 inches. Use horizontally or vertically. Edges sealed by weather-stripping. Seals and insulates against all weather conditions. Gives years of trouble-free service. 


MFJ has decided to make a slight change to our wooden feed through panel products. This change will add more quality and lifetime to our feed through panel products. 


MFJ has upgraded the wooden feed through panel base material to a real Western Red Cedar. This highly revered, durable wood is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insects, so it will last longer and require much less maintenance. 


Western Red Cedar is pitch and resin free so it can accept a wide range of beautiful finishes or our customers can choose to leave the wood in its natural beautiful finish.




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