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Yaesu ATAS-120A 

Motorized Mobile Antenna


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Motorized Mobile Antenna: 40m through 70cm

The ATAS-120A is a unique mobile antenna designed for use with Yaesu transcivers equipped with the proper controller, such as the FT-897D, FT-847, FT-857D, and FT-100/100D. The ATAS-120A uses a motorized tuning system which resonates the radiating element for the lowest SWR without the need for expensive inconvenient monoband whip assemblies. 
The ATAS-120A is designed to mount directly onto a standard mobile antenna mount with an SO-239 connector (not included).
**Not recommended for use with a magnet mount**

For use with the 144 and 440 MHz bands, you may need to purchase a duplexer (FT-897/857/FT-100) or a triplexer (FT-847) to properly connect the antenna to the appropriate antenna jacks on the radio. 



Customer Reviews

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Bought used, semi-functioning. 7/15/2016 3:24 am Fixing this was not too terribly difficult, but before I cleaned & repaired it, then reassembled it and made a few minor mods to it, it did not work well at all. Now that I cleaned it up, reset the contact bbs & put a dot of superglue on the coil core, it tunes up within about 1 minute, good SWR, nice bandwidth across each band, and decent performance. Goes great with the FT857, FT847, FT897, but only good for 120 watts or so. I'd rather have the big Tarheel, but the size of this is not overbearing, and the performance is quite nice. Mine does NOT have the weather boot on top, so a little dab of silicone, or mastic where the whip goes in is recommended with or without the rubber boot. Great little antennas! Clean it and the radio face control plate (inside), the performance goes way up. The time to tune, and the SWR go way down, when everything is clean!