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MFJ MFJ-921 

Manual tuner + SWR: 2m/1.25m, 30/300W

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144/220MHz Tuner/Wattmeter

The MFJ-921 Dual Band VHF Antenna Tuner covers 2 Meters and 220 MHz. Its built-in SWR/Wattmeter measures SWR in 2 power ranges -- 300 or 30 Watts. The meter is usable for both 144 MHz and 220 MHz bands. It will give you low SWR with practically any antenna.

The MFJ-921 is designed to match a wide range of impedances for both mobile/base operation. It will handle up to 200 Watts of output power. The antenna tuner has SO-239 input/output connectors, wing nut post ground. It has an eggshell white and black aluminum cabinet -- it fits just about anywhere!



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