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Hustler G6-440 

~Vertical antenna, 70cm, 8ft

SKU: ZHU-G6-440

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440 MHz. Vertical Fixed Station Omni Directional Antenna

Each is pre-tuned at the factory for easy installation.
Enclosed in a lightweight tapered fiberglass radome for low wind resistance. Vertical phased collinear radiators for maximum radiation at the horizon.

6 dB gain for maximum effective range.

Stacked 5/8 wave low angle radiators for a consistent pattern.

Shunt fed DC ground.

Compact size allows shipment via U.P.S. or Parcel Post.



- 8 MHz. under 1.5:1 VSWR

- 18 MHz. under 2:1 VSWR

Maximum power input: 250 watts

Gain: 6 dB

Lightning Protection: Shunt fed direct ground

Length: 7'4" long

Weight: 5 lb.

Mounting: Vertical support up to 2 in. O.D. pipe



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