MFJ MFJ-266B  
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MFJ HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analyzer 1.5-185* MHz plus 300-490MHz

Get all the basic RF-diagnostic functions you need and more with MFJ’s new easy-to-use MFJ-266 digital analyzer!

The MFJ-266 covers HF, VHF, plus UHF amateur and commercial frequencies with digital precision. It also displays SWR, Complex Impedance, and Impedance magnitude simultaneously -- all on the same easy-to-read LCD screen. Use it to measure Capacitance, Inductance, Field Strength, Frequency, plus generate test signals. You can also fine tune stubs, analyze coax, test baluns and RF transformers, and perform many other important RF-related tasks around the shack or on the road!

When it comes to simplicity and convenience, MFJ-266 is a clear winner. Not only
is it easy-to-use, but fits comfortably in one hand for on-the-fly measurements on the bench or in the field. Here's the rundown of what this compact powerhouse can deliver:

Frequency Coverage
The MFJ-266 covers all bases -- from 160 Meters through 6 Meters, the FM broad-
cast band, Airband, 2 Meters, 70 cm, plus VHF/UHF commercial 2-way frequencies:

Band A: 1.5 to 2.7 MHz
Band B: 2.5 to 4.8 MHz
Band C: 4.6 to 9.6 MHz
Band D: 8.5 to 18.7 MHz
Band E: 17.3 to 39 MHz
Band F: 33.7 to 65 MHz
Band V: 85 to 185 MHz
Band U: 300-490 MHz
The velvet-smooth 10:1 vernier drive and solid state varicap makes fine tuning a breeze, and a built-in dial lock prevents accidental detuning while making measurements. Switched backlighting makes LCD screen easy-to-read in any light.

SWR, Impedance Magnitude, and Complex Impedance

In SWR Mode, the MFJ-266 reads SWR 1:1 to 9.9:1, Impedance Magnitude 10-500
Ohms and Complex Impedance (resistance and reactance). Best of all, it displays all three parameters simultaneously and operating frequency with one quick glance. No other low-cost handheld analyzer offers this! (Note: Z-mag and R+jX not displayed on UHF).

Capacitance and Inductance

Find values for unknown capacitance in pF or unknown inductance in uH quickly.
Measurements are made at RF frequencies rather than at the low audio frequencies used by many handheld L/C meters.

Frequency Measurement, Field Strength Readings

In Frequency-Counter Mode, MFJ-266 becomes an accurate 500-MHz counter with
a choice of 1-kHz or 100-Hz resolution. The counter mode also features a high-resolution digital field-strength meter for measuring the relative intensity of incoming signals. Together, these functions are extremely useful for checking the operation of oscillators, transmitters, as well as assessing the strength
of radiated signals from antenna arrays.

Built-in Interference Detection

In Frequency-Counter Mode, the MFJ-266 also tracks down powerful local signals
that can disrupt accurate SWR measurements. When picked up by an antenna under test, these signals may compete with the analyzer's internally generated test signal to make SWR readings appear artificially high. All handheld antenna bridges are subject to additive interference, but only the MFJ-266 can detect the presence of an offending signal, display its severity, and identify the operating frequency!

Powerful Signal Source

The MFJ-266 also functions as a tunable signal source, supplying about 2 Volts peak-to-peak across the entire tuning range. You can use this signal to drive mixers, low-power amplifier stages, or filters, and use it as a source for checking antenna patterns on a range. Add a step attenuator, (MFJ-762) and it becomes a low-level signal source for testing receivers and pre-amps.

Take it With You!

You'll especially appreciate the compact size and bantam weight of the MFJ-266
when up on a roof or perched on a tower. Also, push-butt