Comet Antennas CAA-500 Mark II

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Open Box Antenna Analyzer, 1.8 - 500MHz

Comet CAA-500 Mark II 1.8-500MHz Antenna Analyzer

Measure and display SWR and impedance simultaneously in real time

Operates from batteries or external power source

The primary tool for an antenna project! 

Comet was the first to offer a wide-range SWR analyzer covering 1.8-500MHz including 220MHz band with the CAA-500. 
The CAA-500 is a very accurate, simple to use SWR and impedance analyzer to find antenna resonance and make quick antenna adjustments.  The analog cross-needle meter displays SWR and impedance simultaneously as you sweep the chosen frequency range, instantly providing the information needed.
The NEW COMET CAA-500MarkII retains the cross-needle analog display and adds a full-color TFT LCD screen providing graphic and numerical SWR values along with total impedance with R and X values.
* Auto band-sweep function:  Switch to the amateur band of choice and press the “Sweep Center” button.  The chosen band is swept and SWR graphed in seconds.
* Manual band sweep function:  Select the band, select the center frequency, and select the bandwidth to manually sweep the chosen range
* Multiple manual sweeps:  You can overlay manual sweep results in 5 different selectable colors! 
      Make antenna length, position, height above ground, gamma match adjustments etc., and graph each adjustment in seconds in a new color without losing the previous graph!
* 8-16VDC external power or 6 AA Alkaline batteries (up to 10 hours of operation) or Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
* Trickle charger built in (only for NiMH batteries)
* Battery indicator light
* Selectable auto-power off time limit
* SO-239 connector for 1.8-300MHz range
* N-male connector for 300-500MHz range
The CAA-500MarkII retains the simplicity of analog measurements and adds a full color LCD to visually display adjustments and antenna properties
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