Open Box ID-51A PLUS2 CamoGray SN85001124

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Open Box ID-51A PLUS2 Digital Camo Gray SN85001124

The D-STAR Evolution continues with the ID-51A PLUS2!

Over the years, Icom has taken the D-STAR protocol to new levels with each generation of portables. The latest update incorporates popular features found in the original ID-51A, including integrated GPS, an independent AM/FM receiver and V/V, U/U, V/U Dualwatch, the enhancements for digital operation and compatibility with the RS-MS1A free Android application found in the PLUS models. The PLUS2 adds Terminal and Access Point modes for your own personal communications portal into the Global *D-STAR network!
*Icom gateway network

Output power:

5.5/2.5/1/0.5 Watts

RX Frequencies:

A Band - 136-174MHz, 380-479MHz
B Band - 108-174MHz, 380-479MHz



Waterproof rating:





Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Red

Extend D-STAR coverage

The new Terminal mode and Access point mode enable you to make D-STAR calls through the Internet, even from areas where no D-STAR repeater is accessible.
  • Terminal mode - Connect the ID-51A PLUS2 to the Internet through a PC or Android® device, and send your voice and/or data through the Internet gateway to a destination repeater.
  • Access point mode - Use an ID-51A PLUS2 radio connected to the Internet through a PC or Android® device, as an Access point. You can use another D-STAR radio to send your voice and/or data through the Access point radio, and communicate with D-STAR stations all over the world.

RS-MS1A, Free Download Android™ Application

The RS-MS1A allows you to connect your Android™ device to the ID-51A*. You can see the location of repeater sites on a map application and set them to the ID-51A. Text messages and pictures can be sent and received with your Android™ device.

*The OPC-2350LU data cable is required to connect to an Android™ device.

Text messaging example

DR function setting example

Repeater map example

©2014 Google - Map data ©2014 Google

RS-MS1A Features

  • Send and receive pictures
  • Send and receive text messaging
  • Set transceiver’s DR functions from the RS-MS1A or a map application
  • See the location of repeater sites or other D-PRS stations on a map application
  • View and export received history of the transceiver
  • View detailed data in the transceiver’s Repeater list
  • Import and export the Repeater list and the Callsign list from/to the transceiver

DV Fast Data Mode*

By using data in place of voice frames, the ID-51A transfers data 3.5 times faster (3480 bps) than in the conventional DV mode (with voice). Pictures taken by an Android™ device can be quickly transmitted in the DV Fast Data mode.
*The DV Fast Data mode is not compatible with the DV mode low-speed data communication.

DV and FM Repeater Search Function

The repeater search function searches for nearby analog FM repeaters as well as DV repeaters using the repeater memories and the integrated GPS*.
*To use the repeater search function, the position data of the repeater is required.

Other features

  • Dplus reflector link commands
  • GPS position data can be sent simultaneously with the serial data communication
  • Enhanced D-PRS functions: receiving only Base/Object/Item/Weather formats
  • Altitude data added to the GPS memories
  • CI-V commands include GPS TX mode, DV data TX and GPS ON/OFF settings and can be sent through DATA connector
  • Callsign, repeater list and GPS memory import and export in the CSV format
  • D-STAR DV Mode (Digital Voice + Data)
  • Independent AM/FM receiver
  • MicroSD card (Up to 32GB)
  • TX voice memory (1 channel, 60 seconds)
  • SPEECH function announces the received call sign (DV Mode), frequency, and mode
  • QSO recorder function records incoming and outgoing calls. The voice recorder function can record an off-line conversation.
  • CSV formatted communication log
  • 10-step battery voltage indicator
Frequency coverage (MHz)
VersionTransmitReceiver (Working RangeBroadcast
ID-51A 144–148,
A Band: 137–174, 380–479
B Band: 108–174*2, 380–479

*1 Guaranteed Range: 144-148, 440-450MHz
*2 AM mode only for 108–136.995MHz
Type of emission F2D, F3E, F7W
No. of memory channels 1304 channels (including repeater, program scan edges and call channels)
Operating Temperature Range –20˚C to +60˚C
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm (on the basis of 25˚C)
Power supply requirement
  Alkaline cells
  External DC Power
7.4V DC (with BP-271, BP-272)
5.5V (with BP-273)
10–16V DC
Current drain (at 7.4V DC)
  Tx High
  Rx Internal SP (16Ω)
   External SP (8Ω)

Less than 2.5A
Less than 450mA/350mA (DV/FM)
Less than 300mA/200mA (DV/FM)
Antenna impedance 50Ω (SMA)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(projections not included)
58×105.4×26.4 mm
2.28×4.15×1.04 in
Weight (approx.) 255g (with BP-271 & antenna)
Modulation system DV, 
GMSK reactance modulation,
FM reactance modulation
Output power
(at 7.4V DC)
5W, 2.5W, 1.0W, 0.5W, 0.1W
(High, Mid, Low2, Low1, S-low)
Spurious emissions Less than –60dBc (High, Mid),
Less than –13dBm (Low2, Low1, S-low)
Max. frequency deviation ±5.0/2.5kHz (FM/FM-N)
Ext. Mic impedance 2.2kΩ
  FM, FM-N

Less than 0.28μV (at 1% BER)
Less than 0.18μV (at 12dB SINAD)
  DV, FM-N

More than 50dB
More than 55dB
Spurious rejection More than 60dB
Audio output power
  Internal SP (16Ω load)
  External SP (8Ω load)
(at 7.4V DC, 10% distortion)
More than 400mW
More than 200mW

Applicable IP Rating

Ingress protection standard
Water IPX7 (Waterproof protection)
  • Icom ID-51A Plus 2 Transceiver (Digital Camo Gray)
  • BP-271 Battery Pack
  • FA-S270C Antenna
  • MB-127 Belt Clip
  • BC-167SA Wall Charger
  • CS-51PLUS Programming Software
  • OPC-2350LU Data Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Owners Manual and CD
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