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Open Box Tuner for Alinco SR8T, 100w

Low cost Automatic Antenna Tuner for Alinco SR8T, HF, 100w

The AL-100 is the definitive low cost automatic antenna tuner for the definitive low cost Amateur transceiver! It has been designed from the ground up to provide the power handling you asked for, in a small, lightweight package that is perfect for portable as well as sitting on your desk in your shack! 

The AL100 will tune with 0.1 to 100 watts (50 watts on 6 meters), making it an excellent choice for any Alinco radio or operating style. Backpackers and QRP operators will appreciate the latching relays. Power can be removed from the tuner once you have tuned. Additionally, when the tuner is not tuning, it draws nearly zero amps.

Additionally, the AL-100 features 2000 fast memories which will decrease tuning time up to 95% compared to a manual tuner!
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