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  1. MFJ MFJ-9211

    QRP 4:1 Balun


  2. MFJ-918BP

    Balun 1:1, 1.8-30 Mhz w/Binding Posts


  3. MFJ-2919

    4:1 Bead Balun, 1.8-30 mhz, 1.5KW


  4. MFJ-918WM

    Balun 1:1, 1.5 KW PEP, 1.8-30 Mhz - wall mount

    Balun 1:1, Handles 1.5 kW, 1.8-54 MHz, ABS weather-proof cover with mounting

    bracket for tower, mast or wall. 7” W x 3” H x 5-3/8” D.

    Teflon SO-239 input and binding post outputs. Reduces coax feedline radiation and field pattern distortion -- your signal goes where you want it! Reduces TVI, RFI and RF hot spots in your shack.

    MFJ 1:1 baluns use hi-permeability ferrite beads on high-quality RG-303 Teflon coax. 


  5. MFJ MFJ-2912

    Wall-Mounted Isolation Balun


  6. MFJ-2911

    Boom-Mounted Yagi Balun

    This 1:1 current-choke style balun mounts on the boom of your HF or 6-Meter Yagi to transition

    from unbalanced feedline (coax) to the balanced driven element. Prevents unwanted pattern distortion from feed point imbalance, radiation from outer surface of coax shield, element de-tuning, RFI to consumer electronics and noise transfer to the radio’s receiver. MFJ uses a toroid style transmission line choke that is rated for max legal power on SSB/CW and that delivers an

    impressive 35 dB of through-transmission (S21) common-mode isolation. Molded case, SO-239 connector. 5-1/2” W x 2” H x 3” D.


  7. MFJ-2919WM

    4-1 Bead Balun, 1.8-30 mhz, wall mount


  8. MFJ-2920BP

    9:1 Bead Balun,1.8-30 mhz, w/binding posts


  9. MFJ-2920

    9:1 Bead Balun,1.8-30 mhz, 1.5KW


  10. MFJ-2920WM

    9:1 Bead Balun, 1.8-30 mhz, wall mount


  11. Jetstream JTBAL41W
    Jetstream JTBAL41W

    4:1 Voltage Type Balun 3.5-30MHz (White)


  12. Jetstream JTBAL41G
    Jetstream JTBAL41G

    4:1 Voltage Type Balun 3.5-30MHz (Gray)


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