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Used Icom 706MKIIG HF + 2M, 70CM, with Full Mounting Kit

This radio has also been modified to transmit out of band in accordance with the MARS/CAP.

IC-706MKIIG HF + 6/2/70cm
MB-63 Mounting Bracket
OPC-581 Separation Kit
MB-62 Mobile Mounting Bracket

The radio performs well, transmits slightly under power by 2 to 5 watts, depending on the band.

The IC-706MKIIG carries on the '706' series tradition of base station performance and features in a mobile rig-sized package. Building on this legacy, frequency coverage is expanded to the 70 cm band and output power is increased for the 2 m band. A long list of enhancements, both to usability and performance, as well as added features and functions have produced the latest in the evolution of the '706' series.

HF to 70 cm band coverage

Operating frequency range has been expanded to the 70 cm band. Of course, all mode operation (SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM) is possible and a full 100W of output power is available for HF and 6m operation; 50W for 2m and 20W for 70cm operation.

output powerHigh stability transmitter

MOS-FET power amplifiers are employed at the PA unit for all HF, 6m, 2m and 70cm bands. And, a one piece aluminum, diecast chassis with a large cooling fan is employed. This combination provides stable, high quality output with low IMD and low spurious emissions even during full duty cycle and extended operation.

Illuminated keys and switches

Backlighting of keys and switches is a great help during nighttime operation.the intensity is even adjustable!

Tone squelch standard

Tone squelch operation is available in FM mode for basic signalling and quiet standby. Tone frequencies can be set independently for tone squelch (Tx/Rx) and repeater tones, and a range of 50 frequencies is available. A tone scan function is available to search for a repeater's access tone quickly and easily.

UT-106DSP features

DSP capabilities are available*. These include noise reduction and auto notch functions. Superior receive quality in your shack, vehicle or during DX'peditions.
*AF DSP; UT-106 DSP UNIT required for some versions.

Compact with detachable panel*1

The IC-706MKIIG is very compact at 167(W) × 58(H) × 200(D) mm*2 and weighs a mere 2.5kg*3, making it ideal for DX'peditions, etc. A detachable front panel allows easy installation in your shack or in a wide variety of mobile applications.
*1 An optional separation cable is required;
*2 69/16(W)×29/32(H)×77/8(D) in;
*3 5.5 lb.

Automatic repeater function*

An automatic repeater function is available and repeater frequencies can be programmed via a special operation. This eliminates the need for repeater settings for 6m, 2m or 70cm repeater operation.
*Standard for USA version; programming required for others.

Optional high frequency stability

±0.5 ppm of high frequency stability is provided when an optional CR-282 HIGH STABILITY CRYSTAL UNIT is installed.

Simple operation

The individual band change key, a sub dial and quick band change capability provide simple operation. The individual band change key allows quick and easy QSY, the sub dial enhances mobile and memory operation, and the quick band change capability selects pre-set frequency bands with the last-used frequency and mode. Also, each band can store preamplifier/attenuator and tuner on/off settings.

band scopeSimple band scope function

This function sweeps ±14 steps from the displayed frequency and plots received signal strength on the function display. This function is useful not only for checking HF band conditions, but also seeking vacant frequencies during VHF or UHF FM operation.

Narrow FM capability

For FM operation on the 10m or the 2m (where narrow FM is required) bands, the IC-706MKIIG has narrow FM capability that allows you to take advantage of this operating mode.

107 memory channels with alphanumeric name capability

99 channels can memorize both transmit and receive frequencies separately; 6channels are for programmed scan edges; and 2 channels are for call memory for the 2m and 70cm bands. And, up to 9-character alphanumeric names can be programmed into each memory channel.

And more...

  • Up to 3 selectable passband widths
  • Built-in electronic keyer
  • CW reverse function
  • Adjustable CW pitch
  • Full break-in (QSK)
  • IF shift interference rejection
  • Superior audio characteristics
  • Continuously adjustable RF output power
  • VOX AF speech compressor
  • RF gain control
  • Adjustable SSB carrier point
  • 4scan types
  • Noise blanker
  • Receiver protection circuit
  • RIT
  • Selectable AGC time constant
  • Optional voice synthesizer
  • CI-V capability
  • Digital, multi-function S/RF meter
Used Icom 706MKIIG HF + 2M, 70CM, with Full Mounting Kit
Used Icom 706MKIIG HF + 2M, 70CM, with Full Mounting Kit

Frequency range
0.030 - 199.999 MHz*400 - 470 MHz*
1.8 - 1.999 MHz*3.5 - 3.999 MHz*
7.0 - 7.300 MH*10.1 - 10.150 MHz
14.0 - 14.350 MHz18.068 - 18.168 MHz
21.0 - 21.450 MHz24.89 - 24.990 MHz
28.0 - 29.700 MHz50.0 - 54.000 MHz*
144.0 - 148.000 MHz*430.0 - 450.000 MHz*
* Varies according to version
ModeUSB, LSB, CW, RTTY (FSK), AM, FM, WFM (Rx only)
No. of Memory Channels107 (99 regular, 6 scan edges, 2 call channels)
Antenna ConnectorSO-239x2 (for HF/50 MHz and 144/430 MHz)/50Ω
Frequency stabilityLess than ± 7ppm from 1 min. to 60 min. after power ON. After that rate of stability less than ± 1 ppm/hr. at +25 °C (+77°F). Temperature fluctuations 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F) less than ±5 ppm.
Current Drain
TxMax20 A
 Max Audio2.0 A
Temperature Range-10°C to 60°C;
14°F to 140°F
(projections not included)
167(W) X 58(H) X 200(D) mm;
69/16(W) X 29/32(H) X 77/8(D) in
Weight (approx.)2.45 kg (5 lb 6 oz)
CI-V connector2 conductor, 3.5 (d) mm (1/8")
ACC Connector13 pin
Output Power
HF/50 MHz5 - 100 W2 - 40 W
144 MHz2.5 - 50 W2 - 20 W
440 MHz2 - 20 W2 - 8 W

Modulation System





Balanced modulation

Low level modulation

Variable reactance modulation

Spurious Emissions

  Below 47.5MHz


  Above 50MHz


Less than -60 dB

-50 to -60 dB

-60 dB

Carrier SuppressionMore than 40 dB
Unwanted SidebandMore than 50 dB
MIC Connector8 pin modular jack (600Ω)
KEY connector3-conductor 6.35 (d) mm (14″)
RTTY connector3-conductor 3.5 (d) mm (18″)

Receiving system




Double superheterodyne

Triple superheterodyne

Intermediate frequencies(Unit: MHZ) 
*FM only
Receive sensitivity(preamp on; except 4-4.5 and 8-9 MHz) 
10 dB S/N
10 dB S/N
0.5-1.8 MHz-13µV--
1.8-28 MHz0.15µV2.0µV0.5µV-
28.0 - 29.70.15µV2.0µV0.5µV-
50.0 MHz band0.12µV1.0µV0.25µV-
76-108 MHz---10.0µV
144/440 MHz band0.11µV1.0µV0.18µV-

Squelch Sensitivity (threshold)




Less than 5.6 µV

Less than 0.3 µV

Selectivity (normal)






More than 2.4 kHz/- 6 dB

Less than 4.8 kHz/ -60 dB

More than 8.0 kHz/-6 dB

Less than 30 kHz/-36 dB

More than 12 kHz/-6 dB

Less than 30 kHz/-60 dB

Spurious and Image Rejection
HF bands
50 MHz
144/430(440) MHz

More than 70 dB
More than 65 dB (except IF through)
More than 65 dB

Audio output powerMore than 2.0 W (at 13.8 V DC)
RIT Variable Range±9.99 kHz
PHONES connector3-conductor, 3.5 (d) mm (18″)/8Ω
External SP Connector2-conductor, 3.5 (d) mm (18″)/8Ω

The IC-706MKIIG meets MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards for shock (MIL 810C, D, E) and vibration (MIL 810C, D, E).

IC-706MKIIG HF + 6/2/70cm
MB-63 Mounting Bracket
OPC-581 Separation Kit
MB-62 Mobile Mounting Bracket
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