Used Icom PW-1 1kW Solid State Linear Amp SN:ZUS-1810

Used Icom PW-1 1kW Solid State Linear Amp SN:ZUS-1810 SKU: ZUS-1810


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Used Icom PW-1 1kW Solid State Linear Amp SN:ZUS-1810

Device is in used but good physical conditions except for a few scratches and the plug is quite worn. The device appears fully functional except for the input selector. The indication light does not appear so one doesn't know which input is selected. It amplifies the output as expected.

The power you need... to succeed!


Wide frequency coverage with 1 KW output*

All HF bands plus 50 MHz are covered. The IC-PW1 provides a stable, clean and low distortion 1 kW from 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz*. In addition, full duty cycle (even during more demanding RTTY or SSTV operation) and full break -in operation are possible. Great for DX'peditions or contest operation.

*Guaranteed within amateur bands only.


Wide ALC adjustable range

Internal circuitry allows the ALC to be adjusted over a wide range. This means that the IC-PW1 can be used with almost any HF, 6 m or HF/6 m rigs - not only Icom rigs*

*Ask GigaParts about usable exciters.


Compact body

Dimensions, including amplifier, power supply, tuner and controller, are only 350(H) x 269(W) x 378(D)mm* And, because the controller is detachable, the IC-PW1 can be installed almost anywhere in your shack.


Other outstanding features


Automatic antenna tuner built-in

Automatic AC input voltage selector is employed

Current (Ip), Voltage (Vp), temperature, SWR and output power protectors are available



Frequency Coverage (MHz)


1.800 - 1.999 3.500 - 3.999

7.000 - 7.300 10.100 - 10.150

14.000 - 14.350 18.068 - 18.168

21.000 - 21.450 24.890 - 24.990*

28.000 - 28.700* 50.000 - 54.000

*Inhibited in the US version.


Power supply requirements


180 - 264 V AC or 90 - 132 V AC (single phase; 50 / 60 Hz)

Current Drain


Less than 15 A (max. output at 200 V)

Less than 20 A (max. output at 100 V)

Usable temperature range


-10°C to +40°C;

+14°F to +104°F.

Duty cycle: Full duty


Input connector: SO-239 x 2 (50 ohm)

Output connector: SO-239 x 4 (50 ohm)


Linear Amplifier


Output power

AC Input        180-264V AC       90-132V AC

CW, RTTY          1 kW                   500 W

SSB                1 kW PEP            500 W PEP


Driving power Max. 100 W


Spurious emissions


Less than -60 dB (HF bands)

Less than -50 dB (50 MHz)

Antenna Tuner


Output matching range

(tuner switch ON)


16.7 ohms to 150 ohms impedance (HF bands)

20.0 ohms to 125 ohms impedance (50 MHz)

Auto tuning accuracy VSWR 1.5:1 or less


Min. required input power 60 W


Insertion loss Less than 1 dB (after tuning)

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