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Used LDG YT-1200 Antenna Tuner 

This unit replaces the YT-450 auto tuner. LDG YT-1200 AutoTuner for Yaesu base stations: 450 / 950 / 991 / DX1200 / DX3000 / 2000(non-D) 

Yaesu radios are among the best, and LDG makes several dedicated tuner for several models, but that leaves a big chunk of the newer Yaesu product line with no dedicated tuner. Of course, most LDG tuners will work just fine with Yaesu radios, but it sure would be nice to have it integrated to the radio. LDG's new YT-1200 is just that. An included CAT/Power cable interfaces with your FT-450(D), FT-950, FT-DX1200 and FT-DX3000. This makes it an integrated tuner powered by the interface. No extra power cables are needed. Just press the tune button on the tuner and everything else happens automatically! The mode is set to carrier and the RF power is reduced, a tune cycle runs and the radio is returned to the original settings. It's the perfect companion for your FT-450, FT-450D, FT-950, FT-DX1200 or FT-DX3000 Yaesu radio. Order yours today! Specifications: RF Power: 1 to 100 watts SSB and CW, 30W on PSK. Latching relays for ultra low power consumption Built-in CAT/Power interface for FT-450(D), FT-950, FT-DX1200, FT-DX3000 radios. Also interfaces with FT-2000 (non-D) with external DC power supply. CAT thru port for computer control of radio. 38400 baud. 2000 memories sorted by frequency. 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage (continuous coverage for MARS) Tunes 4 to 1000 ohms. (16 to 150 on 6M) SO-239 in and out connections for dipoles, verticals, beams, G5RV, OCF, Cobra, ect. Dimensions: 7.0”L, 7.8”W, 2.0”H. Weight: 2 pounds

This tuner has some minor scratches on the top of the tuner, but performs as expected.

Used LDG YT-1200 Antenna Tuner

Used LDG YT-1200 Antenna Tuner

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