Used Yaesu MD-200A8X SN49358

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Used Yaesu MD-200A8X Dynamic Microphone

Per our technicians: The MD-200 A8X is in decent condition. Something spilled on the top of it. The microphone is in fair condition can tell it has been used a lot. Works as expected.

The Yaesu MD-200A8X desktop mic is designed for the latest generation of Yaesu HF Transceivers, this mic is optimized for ultra-high fidelity SSB operation with a studio-quality Polyethylene Teraphthalate Film Dynamic Element. Users may adjust the frequency response of the microphone from a flat response to a high-articulation response without the distortion and reduced signal-to-noise ratio that can accompany active "equalizer" circuits with Yaesu's exclusive VSPC (Variable Side Pressure Control).

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