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Larsen NMO2/70B  

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     SKU: ZLR-NMO2-70B

Larsen NMO2/70B  


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   Product Description
Larsen NMO2/70B Dual Band Coil and Factory Tuned Black Whip for 2m/70cm Amateur Radio Frequencies, NMO

VHF/UHF antenna
VHF: Center Loaded 1/2 λ
UHF: Collinear
Gain (2m/70cm): 3.8 / 5.2 dBi
Max Power: 100W
Height: 34.5 inches
Connector: NMO
Color: Black

Customer Reviews:

Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
Review 5/25/2015 11:38 pm I have this Larsen antenna on my 2010 Dodge Charger hole mounted on the trunk lid. Standing wave is perfect on 2 M and just moves the needle on UHF. Receives and transmitts great on both bands. I have a new comet antenna that cost about the same but is supposed to be a lot better. It isn't even close. Should have bought the Larsen 1st. I have had a Larsen antenna for 20 years with no problems and should have stuck with them and not wasted money on the commet.!