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2-Meter FM Signal Analyzer

MFJs revolutionary handheld MFJ-224 2 Meter FM Signal Analyzer lets you measure signal strength with over 60dB dynamic range and measure actual feedline loss in dB.
Plug in any scope and your MFJ-224 FM Signal Analyzer becomes a service monitor! Lets you visually analyze modulation wave forms, audio distortion, noise and instantaneous peak deviation.
Tune in any signal between 143.5 - 148.5 MHz. Built-in discriminator-meter function makes accurate tuning simple and easy. You can plug in headphones to help you tune in and identify signals easily. Theres also a battery check function.
Here are some countless jobs that your MFJ-224 FM Signal Analyzer can perform.....
Plot field strength patterns, Position antennas, Measure preamp gain, Detect feedline faults, Track down hidden transmitters, tune transmitters and filters, Check and set deviation anywhere in the band plus much more!
You can use your MFJ-224 FM Signal Analyzer to analyze audio quality with an oscilloscope, Solve FM radio problems fast, Scan the band, Tune in and identify signals, Tune transmitter and filters.
Uses 9V battery (not included). Measures 4W x 2½D x 6¾H In.
Frequency Coverage: 143.5 - 148.5 MHz
Selectivity: -6 dB @ 20 kHz
Receiver Type: Dual Conversion, 10.7 MHz 1st IF, 455 kHz 2nd IF
Oscilloscope Output: 1 V p-p for 1-kHz tone at 5-kHz deviation
Phone Jack Output: Lo-Z, preset volume level
RSSI Range: -100 dBm to -40 dBm (60-dB range)
Deviation Range: 0-7 kHz on Meter, 0-20 kHz on scope (1-kHz tone)
Discriminator Meter Range: +/- 3 kHz, Zero-centered
Operating Voltage: 6.5 - 9.0 Volts DC
Power Source: 9-Volt rectangular alkaline battery
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