Warranties Policy

January 1, 2014


Keep your receipt; you’ll need it for returns or exchanges.


What does "manufacturing defect" mean? 

It means a consistently reproducible problem that the manufacturer or distributor will accept as a warranty liability. Although the manufacturer may replace an item for you that has physical damage, signs of electrical burns or short circuits, these types of problems are not covered under our warranty.


Extended Warranties

Information regarding the benefits of extended warranties along with the full terms and conditions for extended warranties can be found by clicking HERE.


How long is the in-store warranty?

Radio transceivers, receivers, transmitters, tuners and amplifiers have a 10-day warranty against manufacturing defects through GigaParts from the date you receive your order. Most products carry a factory warranty, available through the manufacturer. Your product will be replaced or repaired at our option or at the manufacturer's option. Radio manufacturers will not authorize us to directly replace your radio more than 10 days from the date you receive your radio. GigaParts can only warranty items that are in NEW condition, unmodified, with the original packaging materials, manuals, accessories, warranty cards, and UPC tags in NEW condition. Items not in new condition should be returned to the manufacturer for warranty service.


Used and consignment items have a 7 day warranty against manufacturing defects unless a different warranty is specifically stated on your invoice.


Products from Apache Labs and MFJ Enterprises are covered under specific policies for returns and exchanges

RigExpert antenna analyzers are covered by a 2 year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defects. 

All software, media, smartphone/tablet repair components, personal use items and special order purchases are final and may not be returned, however, you may have a warranty directly through the manufacturer. Personal use items include headphones and ear buds.


All other items carry a 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects unless a different warranty is specifically stated on your invoice, order confirmation, or the product detail page on our website.



What else should I know?

Hard drives are not defective unless they fail the manufacturer's diagnostic software tests which are typically available as a free download from the manufacturer's web site.


CPU and memory overclocking voids your warranties. Bent pins, overheating damage, and any other physical damage to CPUs is NOT covered under our warranty and probably not the manufacturer's warranty.


Modifications void your warranty (especially radio MARS/CAP modifications). While radio manufacturers will typically take the cause of any problem into consideration, there is no guarantee that they will warranty your radio if it has been modified, even if the modification was not the cause of the defect. Modified radios do not qualify for direct replacement unless GigaParts performed the modification. We guarantee our MARS/CAP modifications will not void the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 1 year. However damaged caused by transmitting outside the ham bands may not be covered under warranty. Generally, radios that have been modified after purchase are not returnable. However, GigaParts may accept your non-defective modified radio return and charge up to a 60% restocking fee in these cases.


All returns must be shipped prepaid and insured for the full value of the product. If your return is lost or damaged on its way back to us, you’ll need to file a claim with your shipping company. You may incur shipping costs if you refuse a shipment or the package is returned as undeliverable.


Non-defective returns for refund or exchange are subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee but must be done within 30 days from your invoice date. If your order was shipped, refunds for orders shipped with free freight will be charged the shipping costs. Refusal of shipments may be subject to additional charges and refunds and exchanges for these items will not be processed until the shipment has returned to our dock. 


If your order was damaged in shipping or appears to have been opened prior to delivery, please notify the delivery driver and report the problem to GigaParts with 2 business days. Claims for items missing from your shipment must be reported to GigaParts within 2 business days of delivery and the shipping box and all packaging materials must be retained until the claim is settled. Shipping cartons are designed to protect your item while in transit and damage to boxes or packaging materials is not grounds for a claim unless the actual item sustained damage.



What’s involved in returning an item that was shipped to me?


Simply request a return authorization. You can do this by completing the form located HERE or by emailing our customer service department. Once a return is authorized, specific instructions will be given to you for your particular return. Your return shipment must contain the RMA number, clearly marked, on the outside of the box or it will be refused. 

Can you send me an advance replacement? In many cases, we can sell you a replacement item and ship it immediately in anticipation of you returning the original item for a refund. In rare cases (such as when we shipped you the wrong item), if you request an advance replacement, you agree to return the first item to us within 10 business days. If the item does not arrive back here within 10 business days, you agree to pay us for the cost of the replacement item that was originally sent to you. If you previously used a credit card with us, you agree that we can charge that credit card for the advance replacement.

Shipping charges are nonrefundable and you are responsible for the cost of shipping an item back to GigaParts or to the manufacturer for warranty service. GigaParts or the manufacturer will pay to ship the replacement back to you (inside the contiguous United States) if it is determined that your item is defective and covered under warranty. Warranty replacements shipped outside the contiguous United States, as well as any item that cannot be replaced under warranty will be charged shipping and handling fees before they are returned to the customer.

To request a return authorization, click HERE