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4:1 Bead Balun, 1.8-30 mhz, 1.5KW

Balun 4:1, Handles 1.5 kW, 1.8-54 MHz, 2” dia x 11” long

True Current Balun/Center Insulator forces equal antenna currents in dipoles for

superior performance. Reduces coax feedline radiation and field pattern distortion --

your signal goes where you want it! Reduces TVI, RFI and RF hot spots in your shack.

Don’t build a dipole without one! MFJ 4:1 baluns use hi-permeability ferrite beads on

high-quality RG-303 Teflon coax. SO-239 connector, stainless steel eye bolts.

Made of heavy-duty weather protected PVC housing with Teflon(R) SO-239 connector, stainless steel eye bolts.

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