MFJ-1965 Telescopic Aluminum Tubing Kit

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MFJ-1965 Telescopic Aluminum Tubing Kit

Telescopic Aluminum Tubing Kit

MFJ 1965 Aluminum Tubing Kits employ eleven aluminum-tubes and may be used as vertical radiators or as a telescopic mast for other antennas.

These multipurpose kits are great for portable operations, temporary use, or for more permanent installations. They're terrific for Field Day, DX-peditions, RVs, camping, and more! Each kit includes 10 slit-tubes and 10 hose clamps. Their top section is 0.625 in. O.D. and has no slit. 

These kits are 64 ft. high, fully extended, and 6 ft. long feet when collapsed and without the clamps attached. Guying is required if these kits are extended beyond a 30 ft. height.

Their bottom section is 2.000 in. O.D. and has a heavy 0.120 in. thick wall for use with a base mount!

Whether you are building a new vertical antenna or just planning to get that wire antenna up in the sky, one of these MFJ 1965 Aluminum Tubing Kits.

This 11-section multi-purpose aluminum telescopic pole can be used for vertical antennas or as a mast. Great for portable, temporary use and permanent use -- traveling, camping, etc. Includes one size of each slitted tube listed above and ten hose clamps.

MFJ-1965 is 64 feet fully extended and 6 feet collapsed without clamps. Guying is required if mast is extended beyond 30 feet. Top section is .625” OD. Bottom section is 2 inches OD x .120 wall.

Brand: MFJ
Manufacturer's Part Number: MFJ-1965
GigaParts Number: ZMF-1965
Part Type: Aluminum Tubing Kits
Product Line: MFJ 1965 Telescopic Aluminum Tubing Kits
Maximum Telescoped Length: 64.00 ft.
Collapsed Tubing Length: 6.0 ft.
Band Clamps Included: Yes
Band Clamp Material: Stainless steel
Telescoping Tubing Kit Weight: 24.00 lbs.
Telescoping Tube Length: 72.000 in.


Telescoping Tube Outside Diameter Telescoping Tube Thickness Telescoping Tube End Type
0.625 in. 0.058 in. No slit
0.750 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
0.875 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.000 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.125 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.250 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.375 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.500 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.625 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
1.750 in. 0.058 in. One end slit
2.000 in. 0.120 in. One end slit
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