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Apache Labs ANAN-100B

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This SDR has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Apache Labs ANAN-100B SDR

Adaptive Predistortion for a Super Clean transmitter on the ANAN


The quest for a clean transmitter requires one to either operate in very inefficient Class A mode (at reduced efficiency and power outputs) or invest in a 50v Mosfet design which provides a 10dB improvement in IMD in the best case scenario. 

The ANANs has been designed from the ground up to use modern digital predistortion algorithms to mitigate and reduce the IMD created in the transmitter, 50dB IMD3 has been achieved using Dr Warren Pratt’s (NR0V) revolutionary new WDSP engine which implements adaptive predistortion (PureSignal) winner of the 2014 ARRL Technical Innovation Award. 

Exceptional transmitter output linearity has been achieved, the results are astounding and far superior to any other Amateur radio transceiver available in the market today.


Diversity Reception


The ANAN-100D and the ANAN-200D can be used for Polarization diversity operations (using two ADCs) to remove QRM and noise far more efficiently than any noise blanker can, Diversity reception is also used to mitigate Faraday Rotation effects and to remove polarization misalignment effects during Rx.

Diversity Reception, Courtesy Nige G7CNF


Software Support




  • The OpenHPSDR flavours of PowerSDR
  • cuSDR
  • Kiss Konsole
  • John Melton's (G0ORX/N6LYT) android
  • application for The OpenHPSDR hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is an Apache Labs radio right for me?
A. The Apache Labs software defined radios are built and designed for highly technical operators with a moderate amount of computer and networking experience -- not "appliance users." They are on the cutting edge of radio technology and the radios are continuously improved through user feedback. An Apache Labs radio is right for you if: 1) you are looking for the highest performance and latest technology; 2) you are an experienced radio operator with computer experience; 3) you're willing to work through the resources provided by the Apache Labs community at Yahoo Groups; and 4) you understand the nature of cutting edge technology includes frequent firmware updates and hardware revisions to stay on the cutting edge and to address issues as they are uncovered.

Q. Are Apache Labs radios warrantied and supported just like any other ham radio?
A. No. To begin with, the Apache Labs warranty is 1 year on the ANAN-100B. Also, since there's really no interface for this radio aside from third party software, there's not a whole lot to "support." There is a US service center for Apache Labs products should something fail, but most of the time user issues can be resolved with advice from the community, software patches, or firmware updates. 
Click here for GigaParts' warranty for Apache Labs products.

  •  Uses a 14 bit ADC and an Altera EP3C25 FPGA
  •  Supports two full performance independent receivers
  •  The housing, back panel and color combination is exactly the same as the ANAN-100.
  •  Rugged Extruded Aluminum Housing:  Weight: 4.5Kgs approx, Dimensions: 265.5mm (W) x 220mm (D) x 80mm (H)
  •  RD100HHF1 Mosfet 100W Linear amplifier (160M-6M), Pure Signal feedback network built in
  •  Combination of 7 LPF and 5 HPF Banks for front end Filtering (User Configurable as well)
  •  6M LNA
  •  Software Configurable Triple antenna ports
  •  Supports 2 fully independent receivers (sharing the same antenna - and with suitable PC software)
  •  Each receiver can display 48/96/192/384Khz of spectrum
  •  100W RF output on 160 – 6m amateur bands
  •  Built-in high performance preamp, with a noise floor typically -135dBm in 500Hz
  •  Software-selectable 31dB input attenuator in 1dB steps
  •  Full QSK operation (performance dependant on associated PC and control software)
  •  Low-level transmitter output for transverter use via user-selectable output attenuator
  •  Stereo audio outputs at line and headphone levels
  •  In-built 1W stereo audio amplifier for directly driving speakers
  •  Direct, de-bounced connections for a Morse key (straight or iambic) and PTT
  •  Low phase noise (-132dBc/Hz @ 1kHz) 122.88MHz master clock, which can be phase-locked to an internal 10MHz TCXO or external fequency reference
  •  2.5PPM Frequency Reference @ 10Mhz
  •  Industry Standard TCP/IP network Ethernet interface supports static, APIPA or DHCP IP address
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