Apache Labs ANAN-7000DLE i7 MKII SDR HF Transceiver

Apache Labs ANAN-7000DLE i7 MKII SDR HF Transceiver SKU: ZAP-A-7KLE-MKII-I7


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Apache Labs ANAN-7000DLE i7 MKII SDR HF Transceiver

The wait is over for the first hybrid offering from Apache Labs.  

The Apache Labs ANAN-7000DLE MKII HF-6M 100W SDR transceiver meet and exceeds the needs of even the most discerning Amateur Radio Operator, and is based on the work of the OpenHPSDR community.

The ANAN-7000DLE MKII Monoblock SDR incorporates an optional Intel 8th generation i5/i7 Core computer.  this new radio and PC option has the software client preloaded and configured, making it the first plug and play Apache Labs Transceiver.  

Unlike other SDR that incorporates embedded processing with limited capabilities and no upgrade path, the 7000DLE MKII uses a powerful Intel 8th generation quad core SoC and Windows that allows for Digital Transmission like FT8 and other digital modes out of the box.

This combination of Intel Core hardware and Windows 10 OS makes for a potent and widely compatible processing system.

The new Spectral Noise Blanker uses a priori knowledge of speech and noise to produce superior signal to noise ratio and vibrant sound.

Filtering contributes most of the latency in SDR processing.  There are two reasons for this, 1.) large sets of samples (buffers) that are collected for efficiency when running algorithms, and 2.) sharp linear phases filter's inherent latency.  Both of these issues have been addressed and conquered in the in ANAN-7000DLE MKII model.  Smaller sets that require little collection time can now be used, and the option of using low-latency "minimum-phase" filtering is provided.  With filters as sharp as you want desire, sub-20ms receive latencies are now available.

The ANAN-7000DLE MKII also includes two phase synchronous front ADCs to enable Diversity reception and other advanced applications, the transmit chain is designed keeping in mind PureSignal(Predistortion).  It also provides protection against high SWR having sensors that detect voltage, current and chassis temperature.

The ANAN-7000DLE MKII has been built from scratch keeping in mind PureSignal acheiving an astounding -66dB IMD (below PEP) on 20M at full 100W output.  

It also has a Gigabit ethernet interface to connect to the outside world.  This means no drivers, huge bandwidth, better noise isolation from the PC and networked radios with remote access and so much more.  It also has a wireless adapter, allowing you to use the radio from anywhere in your home or office.  

The ANAN-SDR family will work with myriad software platforms such as: the OpenHPSDR of PowerSDR, cuSDR, KissKonsole, GNURadio-OpenHPSDR, John Melton's PiHPSDR, LinHPSDR and Android application OpenHPSDR.

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