The Apache Labs software defined radios are built and designed for highly technical operators with a moderate amount of computer and networking experience. 

PowerSDR is the most popular software packages being used by Apache Labs users. It is open source software developed by an active community of volunteers, but it is not owned or warrantied by Apache Labs. Technical support for this software is primarily provided by the development and user community on 
Yahoo Groups. You should consider downloading and installing PowerSDR even before your new radio arrives: 

These sophisticated radios are not for technically challenged operators (“appliance operators”) and can be damaged with improper use, especially when used with an RF amplifier. If you have difficulty getting your radio setup for the first time and the users on the Yahoo Group have not been able to help you resolve your problem, please let us know and we will put you in contact with a technician that can help you. Please make sure you upgrade the firmware on the radio before you request help – improvements and bug fixes are continuously being released and the firmware on your new radio is likely already out of date because of the quick development cycle of new firmware. 

Apache Labs is committed to providing reliable, high performance radios, but the features, usability, and reliability of the software you choose to use with their radio is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.  

There is a warranty covering manufacturing defects for Apache Labs radios at a US service center in Arkansas (1 to 2 years, varies by model). If the service center is unable to help you resolve a problem remotely, they will authorize the customer to send it to them for inspection. The customer will be responsible for the shipping costs to get the radio to the service center and Apache Labs will pay to ship the radio back to you. If the radio shows signs of damage due to lightning, power surge, or user error, a repair estimate will be provided to the customer. If a manufacturing defect is found, the radio will be repaired or replaced at no charge under the terms of their warranty. 

 If, in the first 30 days, you wish to return the radio for a refund rather than work with GigaParts and Apache Labs for tech support and warranty remedies, a 15% restocking fee will apply after it has been confirmed that there is no user-inflicted damage (internal or cosmetic). After the first 30 days, your sole remedy is through Apache Labs’ 2 year warranty for repair or replacement according to their warranty policy.