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Arduino TinkerKit Pro Kit

TinkerKit simplifies electronic prototyping throughout a wide variety of sensors and actuators soldered on orange-coloured boards you can hook up to the Arduino through the Sensor Shield and three-pin cables. A little signal amplifier helps to stabilize the signals running on the cables, ensuring clean analysis from the sensors even on long distances (1m-5m). TinkerKit has been conceived for school teaching and museum exhibitions, allowing the setup of interactive environments on the run, without using soldering iron or breadboard. TinkerKit is the result of years of award-winning experience in Interaction Design. For a long time it has been developed as an internal tool, improved bit by bit project by project, client by client.

The Pro Kit is a pack of different TinkerKit Modules, aimed to start designing interactive enviroments / prototype interfaces without using the breadboard or the soldering iron. The Pro Kit consists of the 2x Sensor Shield V.2, 13 different Sensors, 12 Actuators and some cables.


  • Sensor Shield V.2 x2
  • Button Module x1
  • LDR Module x1
  • Tilt Module x1
  • Therm Module x1
  • Accelerometer Module
  • Hall Sensor Module
  • Rotary Potentiometer Module x1
  • Linear Potentiometer Module x1
  • Touch Sensor Module x1
  • Joystick Module x1
  • Relay Module
  • Mosfet Module
  • High Power Led Module
  • 5mm Blue Led Module
  • 5mm Green Led Module x1
  • 5mm Yellow Led Module x1
  • 5mm Red Led Module x1
  • 10mm Green Led Module x1
  • 10mm Blue Module
  • 10mm Yellow Led Module x1
  • 10mm Red Led Module x1
  • 20cm Cables x6
  • 50cm Cables x4
  • 100cm Cables x2
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