MFJ Plug and Play 200W Auto tuner for ICOM MFJ-939I



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Review by W7KAF
I have been using an MFJ-949E with my IC-706MkIIg before now. I decided I wanted to have an auto tuner. I am VERY HAPPY with the 939i! Within minutes of receiving it, I had it hooked up and in use. My antenna is an MFJ-1982HP (80-10 meter end fed) and I have had difficulty tuning for 80 meters (mostly due to my own impatience in finding a good "tune"). I was able to tune any band the tuner and antenna were listed for. The first time on a couple frequencies took about 8-10 seconds. After that, the memories made the tuning take only a couple seconds. I may just buy another one of these and use it as a "stand alone" with my IC-735 and just use the front panel controls.

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