Bringing customer service to the customer

When North Alabama’s premier GMC and KIA dealership needed to upgrade their wireless footprint, they engaged the engineers of GigaParts to lead them to success. Modern Sales and Service industries need constant and reliable connectivity, if not they fall short in supporting their customers. The necessity to use tablets and mobile devices for customer service, vehicle check-in, and sales actions require excellent wireless coverage on the business campus. In addition to the coverage needed, security is paramount. GigaParts designed a wireless solution that provides maximum coverage of the campus while optimizing the network for mobile device usage. This allows employees to meet customers at their vehicles, capture requisite information, and provide service efficiently. There is no cause for concern if one of these tablets is lost or stolen. GigaParts engineers added them to a Mobile Device Management solution, so those devices only work with the dedicated wireless system. Additionally, locking the devices to only launch applications dedicated to customer service tasks ensures employee accountability and efficiency.   


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