When a large logistics provider for the United States Government is instructed to comply with new EDI mandates, GigaParts delivers

The customer, an asset-based logistics contractor, utilized a custom TMS system for their day-to-day operations. For decades, this contractor used their TMS with remarkable success despite periodically test driving other commercially available TMS systems. First issue, other commercially available TMS systems had the needed EDI capability, but they lacked the core features that made the custom incumbent TMS system so successful.  The bigger issue, project communication was a challenge, and the customer was receiving unreliable information from stakeholders. 

Within 48 hours of first contact, the GigaParts subject matter experts were meeting with executive and production teams to understand project scope and incumbent TMS system’s capabilities.  Leveraging organic relationships in the US Government and our extensive line-of-business and logistics software experience, GigaParts was able to break a communication logjam and create a roadmap for success. 

Providing project management, consulting, and coding services, GigaParts helped this customer transition to a new ELD/GPS tracking provider as the initial project. Focusing on their TMS system, GigaParts helped modernize and integrate EDI and API messaging capability with industry leaders Blue Yonder and FourKites. Along the way GigaParts also identified other IT concerns and assisted in-house teams in other realms of their business. 

If you or your company is facing a similar challenge, let GigaParts put the pedal to the metal good buddy and help keep your trucks on the road.