Lightning strikes and company experiences a shocking outage
A large family-owned propane company in the southeast suffers a lightning strike that disabled its headquarters IT infrastructure.   Their part-time IT provider was unable to respond in a timely fashion and the cold season was fast approaching.  

With panic in their voice, the owner called GigaParts service center hotline.  After speaking with a supervisor, resources were deployed to triage the situation.   Following the onsite inspection, it was determined lightning struck their two-way radio communication tower used to dispatch their fleet of trucks.   Damage to their IT infrastructure was extensive, and little was salvageable. Insult to injury, backups were untested as well. GigaParts immediately started a data recovery on affected server hardware while working with their line-of-business software vendor to verify backups were usable. In short order GigaParts deployed new IT infrastructure; servers, workstations, networking equipment using inventory they keep on-hand in support of business customers. They also interfaced with their local Internet provider to repair their damaged connection. Working around the clock, GigaParts had the business back in full operation before the next day’s appointments. 

The company was so impressed by GigaParts response and professionalism, they added their other offices and retail stores to the GigaParts management umbrella. GigaParts now provides all IT functions in addition to IP camera systems to this customer. 
GigaParts focuses on all the bits and bytes so this customer can focus on selling propane and propane accessories that keep their communities warm. 

Whether you have multiple locations across a large area or just one small office, GigaParts can help you keep focus on what matters most, your business.  Contact us to find out how we can help your business with technology.