MFJ Color Graphic VNA Antenna Analyzer, 1-60 Mhz - MFJ-223

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Color Graphic VNA Antenna Analyzer, 1-60 Mhz

New and Improved! 

Here are some of the new features that have added even more value to the MFJ-223!
1. Round plastic molding around BNC connector for added protection
2. USB port is now located on the top of the unit, rather than on the bottom.
3. Power on switch is now located on the front panel screen.
4. Battery compartment is now just one screw release and a slide pack. Even though the battery pack is rechargeable with USB, to change out the battery pack (should there be a need to), will now be much faster and more convenient with the new back panel.
5. New case is taller by about 1/2 inch, adds ridges on the case for greater grip.
6. Speaker holes were added for more audible instructional beeps.

Color GraphicVNA Ant Analyzer, 1-60 Mhz MFJ-223 1-60 MHz Color Graphic VNA Analyzer

Pocket-Size, Incredible Performance! Truly accurate SWR, R, X and Z! This pocket-sized wonder breaks the mold for analyzer design with user-friendly convenience, top notch accuracy, and a vivid TFT multi-color display. Don`t let the size fool you, MFJ-223 is packed with all the VNAfeatures and performance you need! For example, get data for SWR, resistance (R), reactance (X), and impedance magnitude (Z) delivered on a color-coded high-resolution bar-graph display or sharply defined swept-frequency plots. Get continuous DDS frequency coverage with 100-Hz resolution and a full selection of tuning steps and sweeps. There`s a movable marker that calls up alpha-numeric data for any point on any plot -- and a memory to capture current data when you turn the analyzer off. Get other useful features too, like a built in help menu and a field-strength indicator warns when powerful interference is present. Best of all, juggling batteries is a thing of the past -- a long-running lithium-polymer power source is built right in. Recharge via any USB port.
Check out these specifications: 

• Single-frequency and swept frequency operating modes 
• Truly accurate SWR, R, X, and Z measurements 
• Seamless DDS coverage with 100-Hz resolution from 1-60 MHz 
• Smooth "skip-free" encoder tunes fast or slow without missing a step 
• Powerful +5-dBm stimulus generator overrides local interference 
• Field-strength meter measures local signals, detects potential interference 
• DDS generator precision signal source 
• Vivid 1600-pixel/inch color graphics on a 2x2 inch non-glare TFTscreen 
• High-lumen output, easy to read in direct sunlight 
• Easy setup, only four control switches with convenient on-screen soft menus 
• Personalized ID function programs your call or name onto the display • Built-in 3.7-V 1800- mAH lithium-polymer battery charges with Battery Status Indicator and Auto Shut-off. Optional MFJ-5431, Micro USB to USB Charge Cable. 
• Charge % always displayed, multi-color LED monitors charge status • Built-in clock shows elapsed time when unit is turned on 
• Breakthrough miniaturization 2 3/4W x 3 1/2H x 1 3/8D" high-impact case, 5.1 oz. 
• Has BNC connector.
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