Creality Ender-3 V2 DIY 3D Printer

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Great entry 3d printer - upgraded metal extruder a must.
Review by Matthew
This unit is a great beginners unit. it took an hour to put together and set up (leveling the platform was a bit challenging) but once it was set up I run it non stop and cant be happier with the cost vs output.

The print quality will leave noticeable lines in the print so sanding might be required for your finish. also turn on supports when creating the gcode in the provided software.

there are instruction videos on assembly and getting started on the included memory card. Virus scan the card before opening like all media and review the video before starting assembly.

save the information on the memory card to a backup because my memory card corrupted and I had to format it. If the memory card stops working just right click and format it and reload your files.

Within the first couple of days I broke the plastic extruder. I HIGHLY recommend a metal one. please see below. I couldn't find an equivalent part on gigparts website but they may sell it as well.

purchase extra PLA as the amount it comes with will be used quickly. There are a few models on the memory card but most designs can be found on the internet. Download an STL file and drag and drop it into the software that comes on the memory card from creality. Adjust your scale and save as gcode. put memory card in 3d printer and you are off and running. Note: keep an eye on your temperature ranges and adjust the nozzle temp in accordance with recommended PLA heat ranges with the "TUNE" feature during the print if needed. (it defaults to 200 but i usually run about 215 for my prints).

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