Hardened Power Systems DHM-1B

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DHAP Mini Self Powered Enclosure (for DV Dongle) - Black

What you get:
Clamshell case, pre-wired, with:
  • an efficient DC/DC buck converter
  • low draw digital voltmeter
  • DC coax socket for an external power supply
  • recessed on/off switch
  • Battery compartment wired in (2) serial / (2) parallel
  • Beefy rubber feet to keep the unit in place and promote airflow.
  • Custom DV Dongle mounting bridge to secure your DVAP to the RPI
  • Stainless steel screws (and allen wrench) to install the RPI and DV Mega

You will need:
  • Raspberry Pi, either the B+ or the 2.  Either version will drop right in.
  • DVAP Dongle, 2M or 70cm
  • (2) or (4) 18650 Lithium batteries
  • The D-star compatible image of your choice on a micro SD card
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