Thank you for considering donating to the families and local communities affected by the quad state tornado that ravaged through the south on December 10th and 11th.  This record setting tornado swept through Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, and Missouri.

The amateur radio community has always stood up and answered the call to volunteer during times of inclement weather.  Hams often practice for these moments with weekly nets and field days.  Few hobbies out there have so much community service built right into them.

When the skies clear, the needs aren’t over.  Amateur radio operators often continue working with FEMA while aiding interstate interoperability between local, state, and federal agencies.  Many folks in Community Emergency Rescue Teams are hams, and afterwards meet in staging areas with their radios to assist first responders.

GigaParts is working with the United Way to help with what all these communities are asking for now which is monetary donations.  Many of these communities have been impacted severely by the quad state tornado and need monetary relief to assist in both the short and long term efforts of rebuilding, relocating and rehabilitating the towns, homes and lives of these fellow Americans. 

GigaParts doors opened in north Alabama over twenty years ago.  We are located right in the Dixie Corridor of Tornado Alley.  Tornado sirens are visible almost everywhere you go here. In 2011, 1995, 1989 and 1974 we had major damage from tornados, and we saw what it means first hand when our friends and neighbors pitch in to lend a helping hand. 

That’s why we are happy to help the folks from the United Way as they reach out to those hardest hit in Kentucky.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated!