Expert Electronics Automatic Antenna Tuner AAT-100 for SunSDR2 DX

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Expert Electronics Automatic Antenna Tuner AAT-100 for SunSDR2 DX

Automatic Antenna Tuner AAT-100 was designed for SunSDR2 DX transceivers. Allowed SWR level is up to 5 (resistance level in a range from 15 up to 300 Ohm).

1. Press the Tune button in the ExpertSDR2 to tune the tuner.
2. ExpertSDR2 saves tuner's states with 50 kHz step e.g. in sections 7.0-7.05; 7.05-7.1; 7.1-7.15, etc.
3. Tuner measures SWR-level and this value may differ from what you see in the software. The correct value is the one you see in the pop-up window after the tuner is tuned. In ExpertSDR3 we'll sync them so that the correct value is displayed.
4. SWR 1.0...1.2 are considered normal, reaching this value tuner stops tuning.
5. In the ExpertSDR3 tuner status will be displayed in the software status bar e.g. ATU: Tuning; ATU: Tuned; ATU: Failed to tune.
1. Tuner should be used with full-sized antennas with SWR up to 1:5.
2. Tuner can be used with short antennas with SWR higher than 1:5 with caution and output power not higher than 30W.
3. Tuning elements (capacitors, inductors, relays, SWR-sensor) are not covered by warranty.

Input impedance

50 Ohm

Operating temperature


Operating frequency range

1.8...30 MHz

Max input power

~120 W

Control cable length

3 m

Antenna cable length

3 m

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