PowerFilm Solar Panel Buyers Guide FAQ

Hello Operators
I suspect it has something to do with ARRL field day, potential SHTF or something else but recently, there’s been lots of questions coming in about the differences between the various PowerFilm solar and the difference between PowerFilm solar panels and other portable solar panels claiming to be just the same.

Some time ago, I did a video on two types of PowerFilm Solar panels I own. One is the Foldable, the other is the Rollable. Perhaps the most popular of the PowerFilm panels on the channel is the Lightsaver Max. The PF LSM has powered many a QRP radio for quite some time but fits into a sort of “third category”. We can discuss the PF LSM later in this post.

In regards to the PF Foldable or Rollable, which one someone chooses depends on the environment they plan on deploying in. For the sake of this discussion, we can think of the PowerFilm panels as being divided into two groups