MFJ-802BX Field Strength/Remote Meter Combo

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MFJ-802BX field strength meter & MFJ-802BR, remote sensor combination. (Download the product manual here)

MFJ Field Strength Meters

40” Balanced Dipole Field Strength Meter

Determine radiation pattern; make changes to your antenna and see if it radiates better or worse. Adjust ground lead, artificial ground, counterpoise or tune transmitter or antenna tuner for maximum field strength. Check for floating RF. Use 100KHz to 500 MHz.

Sensitive telescoping 40-inch balanced dipole is ground independent and reduces influence of surroundings.

Big 3-inch meter. Sensitivity control lets you handle milliwatt to kilowatt signals.

1/4” phone jack for MFJ-802R remote RF sensing head. 2 5/8W x 4H x 1 1/2D in.

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