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D-STAR Long-haul Emergency Wireless Network Interface Kit. *Requires FCC licensed amateur radio operator. (Coax, antenna, and USB cable sold separately.

Ideal for emergency operations centers ("EOC") staffed by licensed amateur radio operators, the D-STAR Long-haul Emergency Wireless Network Interface Kit allows essential data to be communicated between EOCs such as resource allocation requests, health and welfare traffic, and weather advisories.

Completely independent of existing landline communication networks and infrastructure, the D-STAR Wireless Network Interface Kits allows a computer to connect to a local D-STAR network using VHF or UHF frequencies in the amateur radio bands or they can be used for a point to point connection between two computers anywhere in the world (subject to RF propagation conditions) using amateur radio frequencies in the HF amateur radio bands.

Complete installation and user training is available upon request. Additional supplies will be needed for the installation and are dependent on the site. Antennas, coax cable, USB cables and PC software are some of the supplies required for a complete setup.

For more information, please contact a GigaParts sales representative.

Country of origin: Japan
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