Terms and Conditions for GigaParts Silver Extended Warranty

Keep your receipt; you’ll need it for extended warranty claims.

The GigaParts Silver Extended Warranty is valid for 2 years after the purchase date. The exceptions, exclusions, and limitations of the original manufacturer’s warranty apply during the extended coverage period. During the manufacturer’s coverage period, the manufacturer should be contacted first for warranty claims. After the manufacturer’s warranty coverage expires, warranty claims should be submitted to GigaParts.

This extended warranty does not cover;

  • Accessories, including but not limited to:
    • microphones
    • chargers
    • external speakers
    • cables
  • Consumables, including but not limited to:
    • rechargeable or alkaline batteries
    • ink
    • toner
    • RF tubes
    • solid state finals
  • Installation, removal or reinstallation of any equipment
  • Any product failure that is not reported prior to the expiration of this extended warranty
  • Products with a serial number that has been altered, defaced or removed

If you received a Lifetime Warranty or a 10 year extension to a GigaParts Extended Warranty, your GigaParts Extended Warranty coverage remains in effect for the duration of the extension. This additional coverage only benefits natural persons and is void if purchased by a club, trust, business, corporation or any entity or being other than a natural person. A GigaParts Lifetime or 10 year extension may not be transferred to any future owner including heirs or gift recipients.

If we determine that we are unable to repair your product due to the unavailability of functional parts, service or technical information, or if the cost of repair is determined by GigaParts to be in excess of the current market value, the total liability owed to you will be the lesser of

  • the current market value of your product with the same or comparable specifications; or,
  • the retail price paid for your product minus sales tax

The maximum benefit of this warranty shall not exceed the original price you paid for the product (excluding taxes, shipping and warranty).

  • For example, if a radio purchased for $500 incurs $200 in repair costs on 2 separate occasions, a third repair for $200 during the warranty period would only be covered for the first $100 and the remaining $100 would be paid by the customer.

GigaParts Silver Extended Warranty

  • 2 years of coverage from date of purchase.
  • Customer pays return shipping (upgrade to Gold or Platinum for prepaid shipping labels).
  • Buyer’s remorse coverage is not included (upgrade to Platinum for exemption from restocking fees).
  • The GigaParts Silver Warranty is not transferable.