Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station - FX951-66

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Hakko FX-951 Soldering Station

Keep your bench clutter to a minimum and breeze through your tasks. The FX-951 features a compact design with superior heat transfer and thermal recovery.

  • Temperature Range - 200° - 450°C (400° - 840°F)
  • Ceramic Heated Tips for Quick Heat Conduction
  • Fast Thermal Recovery
  • Set Temperature Lockout Key
  • 30 Minute Automated Shutoff
  • Low Temperature Alarm

*No tips included*

Accepts T15 Series Tips


  •  Power Consumption:   75W, 120V
  •  Temperature Range:   200° - 450°C (400° - 840°F)
  •  Temperature Stability:   ±5°C (±9°F)
  •  Output Voltage:   24V
  •  Outer Dimensions:   80(W) x 130(H) x 131(D) mm  (3.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 in.)
  •  Weight:   2.6 lb. (1.2 kg.)

 Soldering Iron - Handpiece  

  •  Tip-to-Ground Resistance:   < 2 OHMS
  •  Tip-to-Ground Potential:    < 2mV
  •  Length of Cord:   3.9 ft. (1.2 m)
  •  Total Length (w/o cord):   188 mm (7.4 in.) with 2.4D tip
  •  Weight (w/o cord):   30g (0.067 lb./1.07 oz.) with 2.4D tip

*No tips included*

Accepts T15 Series Tips

  • Soldering Station:   FX-951
  • Soldering Iron:   FM2027-02
  • Power Cord:   B2419
  • Control Card:   B2972
  • Sleeve Assembly (Grip), anti-bacterial, green:   B3219
  • Heat Resistant Pad:   B2300
  • Iron Holder:   FH200-01
  • Connecting Cable:   B3253
  • Tip Tray:   B2756

*No tips included*


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