Hardened Power Systems RVMK2 w/ Cigarette Socket

Hardened Power Systems RVMK2 w/ Cigarette Socket SKU: ZPU-RVMK2-CIG


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ReVolt Armored Battery System - RV-MK2 with Cigarette Socket

New Features Include:

  • One-button operation - A single, watertight rotary know controls the unit.
  • 12 Volt devices plug in directly to the full-size socket or Andersons
  • Simple interface with the charger - a single barrel plug connection.
  • 4 ounces lighter, 1/8" thinner and 1/2" narrower than the original!
  • Same amazing battery capacity! 60 Watt-hours of energy!
  • The same crushproof strength and waterproof construction.

Some of the most demanding customers are Emergency Responders. Of these, Search & Rescue teams and EMT’s are particularly hard on their equipment. When we had the opportunity to create an entirely new type of power source for two local Rescue Squads, we hit the drawing board. After researching what was available on the market and determining requirements for power, weight, and durability, we developed an entirely new armored battery: the ReVolt.

The ReVolt is waterproof. Not water resistant, water PROOF. It contains a full 5 amp hours at 12 volts. That is 60 watt hours, in the palm of your hand. If you want to compare it to a cellphone charger, be sure you compare true energy, shown below:

At 12 volts, it has 5 amp-hours (5,000 MaH), or 60 watt-hours

At 5 volts (USB), it has 12 amp-hours (12,000 MaH), or 60 watt-hours

At 4 volts (Cell Phone) it has 15 amp-hours (15,000 MaH), or 60 watt-hours

The NiMH battery is wrapped in a heavy duty (1mm) PVC sheath. Then it is re-wrapped in a pure silicone elastic shock-absorber. Then the assembly is potted with high-impact liquid epoxy and silicone.

   The Internal electrical components are all soldered, bedded, and potted. This effectively makes the ReVolt a solid mass. We are not really sure how you would break one… although our customers seem to enjoy trying.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other commercially available, civilian battery system like the ReVolt (at any price). If you find something similar, we would love to hear about it! Drop a line to:


Included Accessories:

· USB adapter.

· Smart, fast AC charger.

· Mil-Spec Molle

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