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Fantastic Radio
Review by Peter
After much shopping around and comparing DMR offerings among various dealers, I decided to purchase the Hytera PD682G from GigaParts. GREAT decision! The radio is rock-solid, and the after-sale service at GigaParts made it a simple matter to enable wide band operation, and upgrade to the latest available firmware. Transmit and receive audio is top-notch, and there are enough options in the CPS to satisfy the most demanding DMR user. I highly recommend this radio.
Awesome Radio
Review by KM4HRR
I just picked one of these radios up and I am really enjoying it. Much better than the TYT MD-380 I stared out with. GigaParts makes it simple to enable wide band operations and front panel programming and after that update upgrading to the v8 firmware enables the new Brandmeister Talker Alias and you can see DMR ID/Callsign/First name on the display. Highly recommend this radio!

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