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Hytera PD782 UHF HT w/GPS 400-470MHz 1024ch, 4W,Keypad 2000mAh

The PA7 Series is built to the DMR Standard and is rich in features for both voice and data communication. The design is approved to rigorous IP67 and MIL-STD 810 testing. The Hytera-patented pseudo-trunking maximizes channel usage. Key features such as vibration, a dedicated emergency button, and the large color display make this an ideal solution for mission critical communications.


Q. Where can I download programming software?

A. Programming software can be downloaded at www.gigaparts.com/downloads

Wide Band Modification cannot be performed by the end user. For wideband you will need to add the Hytera Wide FM Modification to your cart. 


Hytera PD782 UHF HT w/GPS 400-470MHz 1024ch, 4W,Keypad 2000mAh

User Friendly Design
The large-size color display allows good visibility even under extremely strong light. The globally patented industrial design and antenna design ensure convenient operation and remarkable GPS performance.

Rugged & Reliable
Complies with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards. The Ingress Protection reaches IP67 (6: Totally protected against dust; 7: Protected against the effects of immersion up to 1m for 30 minutes). It’s the highest IP level for land-based wireless radio application.

Superior Voice
With the adoption of the AGC technology in combination with the application of narrowband codec and digital error correction technologies, The PA7 Series radios are capable of ensuring yourvoice is clear and crisp even in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area.

Higher Spectrum Efficiency, Higher Channel Capacity
The TDMA technology allows twice the channels based on the same spectrum resource. This relieves the stress of increasing shortage in spectrum resource.

Automatic roaming of all sites in an IP Multi-site Connect system.

Vibration alerts the user of voice calls and text messages.

Capable of scanning of pure analog voice and signaling, pure Digital voice and data, and also mix mode scan that comprise of Analog and Digital activities.

GPS Positioning
The PA782G supports viewing of GPS positioning information and sending of GPS text message.

Dual Mode: Analog & Digital
Dual mode (analog & digital) operation ensures a smooth analog to digital migration.

Various Analog Signaling Types
Various analog signaling types (HDC1200, DTMF phone, 2-Tone, and 5-Tone), various squelch control types (CTCSS / CDCSS), thus providing higher function expansion capacity to the analog world.

Versatile Voice Calls
The intelligent signaling of the PA7 Series radios support various voice call types, including Private Call, Group Call , All Call and Emergency Call.

Multifaceted Features
In addition to conventional communication services, the PD7 Series radios are capable of Text Message, Scan, Emergency, Man Down (optional), vibration Auto Registration, High-speed DataTransmission, Lone Worker, Radio Check, Remote Monitor, Call Alert, Radio Enable, and Radio Disable

Software Upgradeable
Upgradeable software enables new features without buying a new radio; The PD7 Series radios can also be switched into DMR trunking modes with corresponding trunking license applied in the same hardware.

Expansion Ports
This allows third parties to develop accessory and applications via front and rear port of the mobile. (Features such as voice recording, encryption).

One Touch Call/Text
Supports One Touch features that comprise of Preprogrammed Text Messages, Voice Calls and Supplementary Features.

Pseudo Trunk
This virtual trunking feature allocates a free timeslot for urgent communications. This effectively enhances frequency efficiency and allows you to communicate in a timely manner in emergency situations.

Data Features
The PD782G Supports data capabilities of sending Private and Group text messages. It also supports a Third Party to control the radio via Third party API (GPS, Radio Registration Services, Radio Call Control, Telemetry, Data Transfer), via Telemetry control to radio.

Frequency range UHF: 400-470 MHz
Channel capacity 1024
Number of zones 64
Channel spacing (analogue) 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz
Channel spacing (digital) 12.5 kHz
Operating voltage 7.4 V (rated)
Standard battery 2000 mAh (li-ion )
Battery Life
(5-5-90 Duty Cycle, High TX Power)
(Range of hrs depends on Frequency and GPS)
Analog: Approx. 8 - 12hrs
Digital: Approx. 11 - 15hrs
Frequency stability ±0.5ppm
Antenna impedance 50 Ω
Dimensions (H×W×D) 4.9 x 2.17 x 1.46 inches
Weight  12.52 oz
LCD Display 160 128 pixels, 65535 colors 1.8 inch, 4 rows
RF Power Output UHF: High 4W - Low: 1W
FM Modulation
(Analog Emissions Designator)

11K fF3E @ 4KfF3E @ 20KHz ;
16KfF3E @ 25KHz

4FSK Digital Modulation
(Digital Emissions Designator
12.5 kHz (data only): 7K6 FXD
12.5 kHz (data and voice): 7K6 FXW
Conducted/Radiated Emission -36 dBm < 1 GHz
-30 dBm > 1 GHz
Modulation limiting ±2.5 kHz at 12.5 kHz
±4.0 kHz at 20 kHz
±5.0 kHz at 25 kHz
FM Hum & Noise 40 dB at 12.5 kHz
43 dB at 20 kHz
45 dB at 25 kHz
Adjacent channel selectivity 60 dB at 12.5 kHz
70 dB at 20/25 kHz
Audio Response +1 dB to -3 dB
Audio Distortion ≤ 3%
Digital vocoder type AMBE++ or SELP
Digital Protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1, 2&3
Sensitivity (analog) 0.3 μV (12 dB SINAD)
0.22 μV (typical) (12 dB SINAD)
0.4 μV (20 dB SINAD)
Sensitivity (digital) 0.3 μV / BER 5%

60 dB at 12.5 kHz / 70 dB at 20 and 25 kHz
60 dB at 12.5 kHz / 70 dB at 20 and 25 kHz

70 dB at 12.5/20/25 kHz
65 dB at 12.5/20/25 kHz
Spurious response rejection

70 dB at 12.5/20/25 kHz
70 dB at 12.5/20/25 kHz
S/N 40dB @ 1  3dB @ 20KHz ;
45dB @ 25KHz
Rated Audio Power Output 0.5W
Rated Audio Distortion ≤ 3%
Audio Response +1 ~ -3dB
Conducted Spurious Emission < -57dBm
Environmental Specs
Operating temperature range -22 °C to +140 °C
Storage temperature range -40 °C to +185 °C
ESD IEC 61000-4-2 (level 4)
±8 kV (contact discharge) ±15 kV (air discharge)
American Military Standard MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
Dust & Water Intrusion IP67 Standard
Humidity Per MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G Standard
Shock & Vibration Per MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G Standard
GPS (PD705G only)
Time to first fix (TTFF) cold start < 1 minute
Time to first fix (TTFF) warm start < 10 seconds
Horizontal accuracy < 10 meters

Hytera PD782G-U1 DMR Radio

2000 mAh Li-Ion Battery

MCU Rapid-Rate Charger

Power Adapter


Belt Clip

Leather Strap

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