Icom IC-T70 E-Prep Bundle

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This package combines the rugged IC-T70-SPORT VHF/UHF handheld amateur radio from Icom with the innovative G-MAG saltwater battery charger to give you several days worth of communication, rain or shine, without the use of commercial power for recharging your batteries. Just add water! 

The G-MAG battery charger comes with 6 rechargeable AA batteries (1400mAh) and is powered by a magnesium anode when saltwater is added. Within two hours, all six batteries are charged and ready to go! The G-MAG is good for at least 15 recharging cycles, which is equivalent to at least 90 AA batteries! The supplied batteries are standard, high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries and are compatible with other chargers.

Also available in VHF-only with the Icom IC-V80-EPREP Bundle.
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