Intel i7-6700K & Swiftech H220x2 Bundle

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Intel Core i7-6700K w/Swiftech H220x2 AIO Liquid Cooling Kit

Swiftech H220x2 AIO Liquid Cooling Kit 
This new generation of CPU coolers represents the culmination of Swiftech's efforts to offer upgradable AIO's that look and perform like custom kits, while preserving and improving upon the characteristics that have made AIO’s so popular today: reasonable cost, superior performance, plug-and-play functionalities, and no maintenance. The H220-X2 features a dual 120mm copper radiator with our patent-pending integrated high-power pump and reservoir, and the enthusiast grade Apogee™ XL2 waterblock. As in previous Swiftech® offerings, the product remains entirely focused on low to inaudible operating noise with extreme thermal performance, but now, the X2 series also includes a host of custom features right out of the box to appeal to the broadest possible spectrum of performance oriented users: •A fully redesigned patent-pending radiator/reservoir/pump combo featuring a large clear acrylic reservoir of tubular shape, and showing the inner workings of the system’s powerful pump. The large coolant reserve prolongs operations without maintenance well beyond the 3 year product warranty. •A new CPU waterblock, the Apogee™ XL2, which now features chrome plated copper base plate and a redesigned housing with enhanced flow characteristics for better hydraulic performance. The housing is made of clear acrylic material to visualize the coolant flow path, and to create fantastic color and light reflections thanks to an all-new system of RGB ALED lighting. The installation hardware has been enhanced for an even easier and trouble-free installation, and it is compatible with all current desktop processors from Intel and AMD. •The use of maintenance free Mayhem ultra-clear tubing, providing the overall custom looks and feel of the product. •The use of addressable RGB LED’s (ALED) lighting throughout the system: on the waterblock, reservoir, and radiator accent piece; addressable LED’s are the latest and greatest in the world of LED lighting, providing control over each individual LED for unparalleled possibilities in terms of lighting effects. •A new PWM splitter including the ALED lighting control button, allowing users to connect the system PWM devices (fans and pump), and to switch the LED’s to 7 different colors and 3 gradually increasing intensities; the device also includes connectivity to the chassis control panel, utilizing the ubiquitous reset button for instance to switch colors of the LED’s at will. •The inclusion of red, blue and green Mayhem color dyes, so users can customize their own color experience and give their system the finishing touch of their choice.
Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz,Quad,HT, 8MB,LGA1151,95W
Swiftech H220x2 AIO Liquid Cooling Kit
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