MFJ Indoor active Antenna HF - MFJ-1020C

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MFJ Indoor active Antenna HF - MFJ-1020C

MFJ Tunable Active Antenna


MFJ invented the tunable active antenna! New technology uses a cascode FET/bipolar transistor and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer.

Numerous copies have been made without success - including most recent ones. Why? Because MFJ has made continuous improvements where others have not. The MFJ-1020C has been completely redesigned with new technology.

With the MFJ-1020C tuned indoor active antenna you'll rival reception of outside wire antennas hundreds of feet long and pick up signals loud and clear from all over the world.

World Radio TV Handbook says the MFJ-1020C is a "fine value. . fair price. . best offering to date. . performs very well indeed."

MFJ's unique tuned circuitry minimizes Intermodulation, improves selectivity, and reduces noise outside the tuned band. You can also use it as a tuned preselector with an external antenna.

The MFJ-1020C covers 0.3 to 40 MHz including VLF, AM broadcast, all shortwave and all amateur radio bands. It has Tune, Band, Gain, On-Off/Bypass controls and SO-239 coax connectors. It uses a 9volt battery, 9-18 VDC or 10VAC with the MFJ-1312D

The MFJ-1020C measures 6W x 2H x 5D inches. 

It includes a 19' telescoping whip.


MFJ-1020C SWL Indoor-Outdoor Active Antennas

MFJ-1020C SWL Indoor-Outdoor Active Antennas have been redesigned using new components. They use a specially selected j-FET and a gigahertz-wide bandwidth buffer. Tuned circuitry minimizes intermod, improves gain and selectivity, reduces noise from outside the selected band, and is notprone to self-oscillations that can severely damage your receiver!

A removable telescopic whip antenna is included for SWL operation. However, you can also use them as tuned preselectors with your existing external receive antenna. With the extra gain and selectivity provided by these MFJ-1020C tuned pre-selectors, your antenna will pick up more signals.

The MFJ-1020C provides continuous coverage from 300 kHz VLF through all long-wave, shortwave, and amateur radio frequencies up to 40 MHz VHF. Their front panel controls are Tune, Band, Gain, On-Off, and Bypass. Their rear panel features SO-239 coax connectors and a ground terminal. An internal 9-volt battery or optional 9-12 VDC external supply powers these units.

Improve your listening with one of these MFJ-1020C SWL Indoor-Outdoor Active Antennas from GigaParts


Brand: MFJ
Manufacturer's Part Number: MFJ-1020C
GigaParts Number: ZMF-1020C
Part Type: Indoor Receive Antennas
Product Line: MFJ 1020C SWL Indoor-Outdoor Active Antennas
Indoor Receive Antenna Type: Whip/wire - preselector
Receive Frequency Range: 300 kHz - 40 MHz
Preamplifier Gain: 10 dB
Attenuator: -10 dB
External Power Input Voltage: 9-12 Vdc
External Power Connector Type: 2.1mm
Wall Transformer Supplied: No
Internal Power: One 9 V battery
Batteries Included: No
On/Off Switch Included: Yes
Receive Device Width: 6.000 in.
Receive Device Height: 2.000 in.
Receive Device Depth: 5.000 in.
Receive Device Weight: 1.00 lbs.
UPC: 650619002003
Quantity: Sold individually



  • 20 in. telescopic whip antenna
  • External antenna input
  • Power input jack is coaxial power type.

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