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AC Line RFI Filter

Squash obnoxious power line computer hash/noise 6 S-units!

Filters and reduces AC power line RFI, hash, noise, transients, surges generated by computers, motors, RF transmitters, static/ lightning by 30 db and up to 60-80 dB with good earth ground. Super fast, nano-second overvoltage protection.

Provides inductive isolation, capacitive decoupling, RFI rejection, overvoltage protection of both common mode and differential signals. Rejects/shunts undesired signals to ground.

Four 3-wire, 15 Amp, 120 VAC outlets spaced for large AC adapters. 25 Amps/3000 Watts maximum. Fused. 51/2 ft. cord. Wing nut for ground. Mounting holes. Rugged aluminum case, 12Wx31/2Hx2D in.
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