MFJ-1164B AC Line RFI Filter

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MFJ-1164B AC Line RFI Filter

AC Line RFI Filter

Squash obnoxious power line computer hash/noise 6 S-units!

Filters and reduces AC power line RFI, hash, noise, transients, surges generated by computers, motors, RF transmitters, static/ lightning by 30 db and up to 60-80 dB with good earth ground. Super fast, nano-second overvoltage protection.

Provides inductive isolation, capacitive decoupling, RFI rejection, overvoltage protection of both common mode and differential signals. Rejects/shunts undesired signals to ground.

Four 3-wire, 15 Amp, 120 VAC outlets spaced for large AC adapters. 25 Amps/3000 Watts maximum. Fused. 51/2 ft. cord. Wing nut for ground. Mounting holes. Rugged aluminum case, 12Wx31/2Hx2D in.

MFJ AC Line RFI Filters

MFJ AC Line RFI Filters reduce obnoxious AC power line radio frequency interference.

These filters reduce hash, noise, transients and surges generated by computers, RF transmitters and other sources when used with a good earth ground.

Plus, they offer super-fast, nanosecond over-voltage protection. Clean up your AC line supply and protect against power spikes with MFJ AC Line RFI Filters

Brand: MFJ
Manufacturer's Part Number: MFJ-1164B
GigaParts Number: ZMF-1164B
UPC: 650619004069
Part Type: AC Line Multiple Outlet Strips
Product Line: MFJ AC Line RFI Filters
Surge Protection: Yes
RFI Filter: Yes
Multiple Outlet Strip Voltage: 120 Vac
Number of AC Receptacles: Four
AC Receptacle NEMA Type: 5-15R
Line Cord Length: 5.60 ft.
Line Cord NEMA Plug: 120 Vac, 5-15P
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