MFJ-121B Atomic Dual Time Zone Clock

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MFJ-121B Atomic Dual Time Zone Clock

MFJ atomic dual time zone clocks offer 24 and 12-hour time in a single glance. These desk mount or wall mount atomic clocks display UTC and local time simultaneously. Each zone may be set independently!

MFJ dual time zone clocks are encased in a silver-metallic, hard plastic frame with large, easy-to-view LCD numerals and a running seconds display. An automatic backlight lights up every day at your preset time for eight hours. Keep an accurate eye on the time with MFJ atomic dual time zone clocks--perfect for your ham station!

GIANT LCD Dual Time Atomic Clock

Read both UTC and local time at-a-single-glance with this MFJ-121B dual atomic clock.

Displays 24/12 hour time simultaneously -- can each be independently set. Automatic backlight lights up every day at your preset time for 8 hours.

Mounted in a handsome silver-metallic, hard-plastic frame, it features HUGE, easy-to-see 2” tall by 1” wide LCD numerals, an exclusive UTC zone and has a running seconds display.

Measures 11 3/8Wx7 1/4Hx1D inches mounts on wall or desk mount. Daylight savings time can be disabled. Use four AA batteries -- long lasting!

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