MFJ Microphone Control Center - 2 Mics In to 2 Rigs Out MFJ-1263

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MFJ Microphone Control Center - 2 Mics In to 2 Rigs Out MFJ-1263

Switch Two Transceivers and Two Microphones!


MFJ-1263 Microphone Control Center lets you mix and match any two microphones to any two transceivers.

The microphones or transceivers can have 8-pin round or 8-pin modular connectors. You don`t have to change connectors or rewire; just push buttons. Your favorite microphones will never become obsolete.

You can use your favorite microphone with your present or new rig by pushing a button. You can instantly switch from a hifi ragchewing mic to a hard-hitting DX mic when a rare one suddenly pops up.

You can plug in an PTT foot switch (MFJ-1709) or let your computer or voice keyer (MFJ-434B) control your PTT line to free your hands for contesting and DXing.

Plug in a boom mic/headset (MFJ-393) to save the day during noisy field day or multi-operator contesting.

You can plug in your headphones and an external speaker (MFJ-281).

A headphone volume control eliminates the need to readjust your rig`s volume when you switch the speaker on. The headphones are always active. A push button turns the speaker on or off.

When you want to use your desk or hand mic just push a button. An input jack and On/Off switch is provided to insert external audio into the microphone audio input line. Great for inputting sound card, SSTV, AFSK, TNC and other audio sources.

The MFJ-1263 works with any radio - - Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Alinco and compatible transceivers - using an 8-pin round or modular microphone jack. Internal jumpers configure the MFJ-1263 for your radio -- your mics never become obsolete!

6" x 1 ½" x 5".


 Michael Brigmond Brand Manager GigaParts 10/03/2022

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