MFJ-1794, 1500W, 40-10M, Vertical HF Antenna

MFJ-1794, 1500W, 40-10M, Vertical HF Antenna SKU: ZMF-1794


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MFJ-1794, 1500W, 40-10M, Vertical HF Antenna

This seven band vertical features super high performance, low cost, low profile, and ground mounting. 7 bands: 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 Meters, full 1500 Watts PEP.

Great for use as a permanent or temporary antenna in restricted spaces. Full 11' collapses to 7 feet to hide behind trees, fences, and bushes, etc.

MFJ-1794 has automatic bandswitching, low radiation angle for DX, and is omni-directional. It features highly efficient end-loading. The entire length of the antenna radiates, and you get a low SWR across all bands.

You can easily ground or roof mount with radials and a ground rod. 

Portable or permanent operation with MFJ-1901, $99.95, a 2x2 foot ground-coupled stainless antenna base. Hardware, U-bolts included.

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