MFJ-227 Graphic VNA Ant. Analyzer, VHF/UHF, 88-226, 330-500

MFJ-227 Graphic VNA Ant. Analyzer, VHF/UHF, 88-226, 330-500 SKU: ZMF-227


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MFJ-227 Graphic VNA Ant. Analyzer, VHF/UHF, 88-226, 330-500

MFJ-227 has all the same features as MFJ-226, but covers 88 to 228 MHz in VHF range and 330 to 500 MHz in UHF range.

•Frequency sweep plots: SWR, Impedance, Resistance, Reactance,Phase Angle, Complex Return Loss, Smith Chart 
•Sign of reactance
•Amazing accuracy with OSL(Open-Short-Load) calibration.

New MFJ-227introduces the MFJ Times Technology series of advanced Antenna Analyzers!

This groundbreaking VNA antenna analyzer -- MFJ-227 Antenna Expert -- delivers OSL calibration and true reactance.

Incredibly Powerful MFJ-227 is the first and only low-cost handheld VNA(Vector Network Analyzer) to feature OSL(open/short/load) calibration for super accuracy and sign of reactance to positively identify inductive or capacitive reactance.

These two features, normally only found on lab instruments, place incredible diagnostic power in the palm of your hand.

With it, you`ll measure impedance plus many other critical load parameters directly or through a feed-line or test cable with exceptional accuracy, correcting for line loss and phase angle.

Single Frequency Mode
Presents an unusually wide range of load information including . . . 
Impedance Magnitude
Series and Parallel Impedance (R±jX) 
S11 (Rectangular and Polar) 

Swept-Frequency Mode
Generates, displays, captures accurate plots versus frequency of 
Impedance (Z)
Resistance (R)
Reactance (±X)
Return Loss (S11)
Phase Angle 
Smith Chart 
SmithChart plot shows S11 magnitude and phase angle over any frequency span you specify. 

32 Memories
32 memories let you capture screens made in the field for download into your PC via mini USB port for later storage and use. 

Store OSL Calibrations
You can run OSL calibrations through your test cable or feed-line or at different frequencies and store them for future use.

Fits Your Hand Perfectly
Better doesn`t mean bigger! The MFJ-227`s compact and virtually indestructible molded case fits your hand perfectly with real back-lit keys that depress to give you tactile feedback. 

Easy-to-read Backlit LCD
Bright 2 1/2 inch LCD backlit screen is easy-to-read, even in direct sunlight. 

Use two AA batteries
Use disposable Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH AA batteries (not included). 
Firmware upgradeable via USB port. 
Includes N-to-SO-239 adapter and 48-inch mini USB to USB cable.

3 1/4W x 6 1/2H x 1D inches. 
9.3 ounces.

Looks, Feels, Performs Like a Professional Instrument 

MFJ-227 has both the hefty feel and advanced performance of a professional field-service instrument costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

If you`ve ever wished for the accuracy and flexibility of a professional-grade S11 VNA without the boat-anchor packaging and prohibitive price, your search ends here. The MFJ-227 pulls together the latest advances in RF technology and delivers them to you at a price you can`t afford to pass up!

MFJ-227 Graphic VNA Ant. Analyzer, VHF/UHF, 88-226, 330-500

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