MFJ-4125P 13.8 Volt 25 Amp Switching DC Power Supply

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Good News/Bad News
Review by Denton
Bought this so I could make more room by retiring my Astron linear supply. Good news: Makes 13.8 VDC with plenty of capacity to run my station. Small. Not expensive. Bad news: "Whisper quiet fan"??? Whoever wrote that ad copy needs to have one running on his desk for a few months. 47 ohm resistor makes it tolerable. Haven't found any HF hash yet, but it has a whopper at 147.47 MHz. Not only that, but it has trash that covers 2-3 MHz of 2 meters.
Good product but Fan is Loud.
Review by John
Small form factor, works as expected, however, the quite fan might be quite as compared to a wood chipper but it is, in fact, loud and obnoxious in close proximity to end user. A re-design on fan choice is strongly suggested. Of note, the supplied documentation states two sets of powerpole connectors are included and even gives direction for proper installation of same, yet none are included with the product.
MFJ makes good products but you simply can't believe the documentation and you might need to fire up the soldering iron.

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