MFJ-4230MVP 30 Amps Compact Switching Power Supply

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MFJ-4230MVP 30 Amps Compact Switching Power Supply

MFJ-4230MVP MightyLite adds pair of PowerPoles

MFJ-4230MVP super compact 30 Amp MightyLite switching power supply has all of the popular features of the MFJ-4230MV . .

PLUS, it adds a pair of Anderson PowerPoles for ARES and RACES, and others that enjoy the Anderson PowerPole connections. See below for a large selection of Anderson PowerPole cables and accessories.

The front panel still features 5-way binding posts that allow easy access connection for your rig and station accessories. MFJ-4230MVP is 25 Amps continuous and 30 Amps surge @13.8 VDC. Selectable 4-16 voltage.

Choose 120/240 @ 47-63 Hz to take it with you anywhere in the US and abroad.

This 30 Amp switching power supply is tiny but powerful!  Just 5Wx2.5Hx6D inches keeps your transceiver and your accessories running cool!  Volt/Amp Meter switch, Binding posts and PowerPolesTM, 75% efficiency, over-voltage and over current protection systems, worldwide versatility, 120/240 switch. 

UPC: 650619022322

Michael Brigmond MFJ Brand Manager GigaParts 12/1/22

Talk about dollar stretching. This is the best power supply buy in the industry. The MFJ-4230MVP price is just jaw dropping. 30 Amp switching power supply is so light and it fits in the palm of your hand. Binding posts and Anderson PowerPoleTM connections, Amp/Volt Meter switch, worldwide versatility. It's an investment even my pop would have been proud to make! 

MFJ 4230MVP MightyLite 30 Amp Switching Power Supplies

MFJ 4230MVP MightyLite 30 Amp Switching Power Supplies with Powerpole® connectors can power your HF transceiver, your VHF/UHF transceiver and your accessories, and still fit in your hand! MFJ MightyLite 30 amp power supplies weigh just 3.0 pounds--that's much lighter than an equivalent conventional power supply. These supplies are clean—you won't get reports of RF hash on your signal and you won't hear any in your receiver. MFJ MightyLite supplies meet all FCC Class B regulations.

MFJ MightyLite power supplies can be used anywhere in the world! They have rear panel switchable AC input voltage and work from 85 to 130 Vac or 170 to 260 Vac (a user supplied internal 4 Amp size T-4 replacement fuse and replacement AC cable is required for International use on 170 to 260 Vac). MightyLite switching power supplies feature a front panel voltage control that lets you vary the output voltage from 4 to 16 Vdc and gives you a highly regulated voltage output, via heavy-duty 5-way binding posts on the front panel of the 4230MVP, and Powerpole® connectors on the back panel.. The large illuminated meter monitors voltage or current. An internal fan cools the power supply.

Additional features include:

* 30 amps surge, 25 amps continuous at 13.8 Vdc
* Less than 100 mV peak-to-peak ripple under 30 amp full load
* Meter switch selects between current and voltage
* Over-voltage protection
* Over-current protection
* Automatic reset after shutdown
* Switching AC input voltage 120 Vac or 240 Vac at 47-63 Hz

MFJ 4230MVP 30 Amp MightyLite Switching Power Supplies with Powerpole® connectors are available from GigaParts

Brand: MFJ
Manufacturer's Part Number: MFJ-4230MVP
GigaParts Number: ZMF-4230MVP
Part Type: Power Supplies
Product Line: MFJ 4230MVP MightyLite 30 Amp Switching Power Supplies
Power Supply Type: Switching
Power Supply Continuous Output: 25A at 13.8 Vdc
Battery Backup: No
Power Supply Peak Output: 30A at 13.8 Vdc
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Control: Front panel
Power Supply Voltage Adjustment Range: 4.0-16.0 Vdc
Power Supply Metering Type: Multi-meter
Power Supply High Current Terminal Location: Front/Rear panel
Power Supply Low Current Terminal Location: None
Power Supply Lighter Socket: No
Power Supply Cooling Type: Fan
Power Supply Width: 5.000 in.
Power Supply Height: 2.500 in.
Power Supply Depth: 6.000 in.
Power Supply Weight: 3.00 lbs.
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